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Did you know that over 85% of service calls are from lack of maintenance?


At Orion Mechanical, our comprehensive maintenance routine will optimize furnace performance and can prevent costly breakdowns.

HVAC Service: Service

How Maintaining Your Furnace Can Save You Money.

Lengthen the Life Span of your Furnace

Furnace replacement is expensive but a regularly maintained furnace will run for many more years than one that sits neglected. Depending on use, with proper maintenance you can expect your furnace and air conditioner to run between 8-15 years.

Improving Energy Efficiency

By performing preventive maintenance on your air conditioning, you can stay on top of these small, regular nuisances. Doing so stops them from building up in a way that will put a strain on your HVAC system, resulting in more energy-efficient air conditioning and heating. Your unit will be able to perform the same amount of work while using far less energy to do so, resulting in lower energy bills for you.

Avoid Emergency Repairs

If your furnace breaks down on a cold night, you may find yourself in need of an emergency repair. Emergency and after-hours fees are usually higher for most  companies. If you have had your furnace inspected and repaired before the cold weather set in, you can increase your chances of avoiding these costs.

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